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Madhya Pradesh Commercial Tax Appellate Board
मध्य प्रदेश वाणिज्यिक कर अपील बोर्ड
Judgment Date/ निर्णय दिनांक
Appeal_ID/अपील आई.डी
06/05/2004 100CTT/03 Ms/ Hind Spinners A.B. road Dwas M.P.ENTRY TAXBHOPAL
16/11/2006 A953CTAB/04 Ms/ Chawda Machinery & Auto Stores Damoh BHOPAL
27/01/2009 A-316-CTAB-08 Ms/ Hockins Cookers Ltd. Hamidiya Road BhopalENTRY TAXBHOPAL
04/10/2011 A-298-CTAB-11 Ms/ Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd. BhopalMP VAT ACT 2002BHOPAL
07/11/2012 A956CTAB/04 Ms/ Asian Paints India Ltd. New Loha Mandi IndoreMP VAT ACT 2002BHOPAL
07/11/2012 A-223-CTAB-09 Ms/ Bhavani Plastic Products IndoreENTRY TAXBHOPAL
30/01/2013 A-518-CTAB-08 Ms/ Super Steel Traders Hathi Pal IndoreENTRY TAXBHOPAL
18/03/2013 A-298-CTAB-13 Ms/ Auto Vehicles New Motor Right Town JabalpurMP VAT ACT 2002BHOPAL
17/04/2013 A-124-CTAB-09 Ms/ Hamdard Distributers Shahjahanabad BhopalMP VAT ACT 2002BHOPAL
03/05/2013 A-490-CTAB-10 Ms/ Jain Roadways Parwanu Himanchal Pradesh MP VAT ACT 2002BHOPAL

Practicing lawyer, consultant are required to register them self through the menu practitioner registration so that you could know the status of appellant client.

पैरवी करने वाले कर सलाहकार अधिवक्ताओ से अनुरोध है कि वह practitioner registration menu से अपने को register करें | ताकि वह अपने appeal client की परिस्थिति जान सके |

This is also requested to fill certain information’s of your and the appellant client so that we could be able to serve the information regarding date of hearing and order status.

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